Azealia Banks scraps single after producer bust-up

Banks was set to release Esta Noche as a single earlier this week (begs24Sep12) but came under attack from DJ Munchi, real name Rajiv Munch, who insisted her label bosses had turned the track into a single without checking with him first.

He then alleged he was offered $25,000 and a public apology if he allowed the release to go ahead.

In a series of angry messages on, Munchi writes, "No releasing my track, being a spoiled brat, releasing coverwork, release dates before even reaching out is a good look right? Your is (sic) camp reaching out after releasing.

"You and your people want to make a single. You are not making things better. Tell your camp the deal is off I don't want your f**king $25.000. F**k off. Go be a puppet b**ch to someone else. Everyone who wanna download the track - it is already out. She stole my track on her mixtape Fantasea without permission. B**ch trying to buy me off after trying to blame me on this s**t, f**k outta here."

Banks decided to scrap the release, and took to her own Twitter account to tell fans the reason, writing, "K (OK) so Esta Noche won't be being released today because originalmunchi thinks I'm in the illuminati (sic)... I'm being very serious right now. I'm cracking up right now... This is a first."

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