Beyonce, Blue Ivy, summer concert series(WENN)

There's a rush to have babies in Hollywood but it's nothing compared to the rush to get back to work.

Despite having the financial freedom and career autonomy to enjoy as much bonding time with her new daughter as she likes, Beyoncé has been throwing herself head-first into work for the past few weeks, having just given birth to daughter Blue Ivy in January.

Ahead of the superstar songstress' four-date concert series at Revel resort in Atlantic City last week, personal video released by her team shows the singer pulling all-nighters, but rather than night feeds it's her hands-on approach to her career keeping the new mom up into the wee hours.

"It's back to business," she says. "It's important have your own passion."

While Canadians get up to a year of parental leave, it's far shorter in the U.S., and new moms toting breast pumps are often forced back to work after six weeks in order to keep their jobs and pay the bills.

That's certainly not the case for Beyoncé, who raked in more than $70 million last year with hubby Jay-Z, and whose fans would surely understand if she wanted a little more one-on-one time with her new bundle of joy.

Whatever her reasons for getting back into the saddle right away, the "Single Ladies" songstress is hardly the first celebrity mom to return to their careers so soon after delivering a baby.

Jessica Simpson's daughter Maxwell is just three weeks old and already the starlet has sat down for a People cover story and started work on her $4 million Weight Watchers contract.

Actresses Penelope Cruz, Marion Cotillard and January Jones were all back on set less than a month after welcoming their new babes.

Having a job you're passionate about is one thing, but returning to such an all-consuming career when you have the luxury of enjoying the most intense bonding period with your baby can be a controversial choice.

Are stars afraid they'll be forgotten or lose their place at the top of the Hollywood heap? Actresses Gwyneth Paltrow and Julia Roberts are proof you can take a breather for a baby and still keep your A-list status.

Sure, many celebrities can blink and get their pre-baby body back, but they should know they can never get that precious time back.