Madonna performs at Turk Telekom Arena Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, on June 7, 2012, as part of her MDNA 2012 World Tour.(AP Photo; Kamran Jebreili)

Turns out it's not all about the music! Some of the most popular acts in the industry are ensuring their tours stay in the headlines for the most bizarre of reasons, begging the question if there is some sort of guerilla marketing tactic going on behind the scenes.

Just two weeks after Justin Bieber made world news for walking into a glass wall in Paris and giving himself a concussion, Lady Gaga has apparently suffered the same fate after being hit with a pole by one of her dancers at a New Zealand concert. Now comes word Madonna has flashed her right breast in Turkey.

A cynic would say these are all choreographed incidents, mere extensions of the performers' moves on stage and embellished by their PR teams to ensure maximum coverage.

Even Kanye West's romance with reality starlet Kim Kardashian has been called a ruse to drum up press for his forthcoming album and the European leg of his "Watch the Throne" tour with Jay-Z, a joint effort between the rappers that's already succeeded in becoming the highest grossing hip-hop tour.

Since touring is where musicians earn their bread and butter in the wake of digital downloads, it's paramount there is constant buzz surrounding their concerts.

And it's not just enough to simply go on tour anymore; many performers are following Justin Bieber's Never Say Never lead and giving fans a bird's eye view into what goes on behind the scenes, satisfying the social networking generation's need to get as close as possible to their idols.

Beyonce recently released The Making of a Concert which featured personal footage of the superstar preparing for her comeback concerts in Atlantic City last month. Next up is "Firework" singer Katy Perry's Part of Me documentary set for release in July which will give hungry fans a view of her life on and off the stage.

Bottom line, unless you're Adele, it takes way more than just a killer voice to get ahead in 2012, so expect plenty more suspicious incidents during the highly competitive summer concert season.

Jennifer Lopez kicks off her world tour in Panama City this week so don't be surprised if her back-up dancer beau accidentally drops her on stage.