Justin Bieber at the 2012 Billboard Awards(WENN)

Maybe we just grown them differently in Canada?

Child stars south of the border may be famous for their rock bottom moments and many fade as fast as they appeared, but Justin Bieber seems to be following in the footsteps of fellow Canucks Avril Lavigne and Alanis Morissette who proved it is possible to avoid the pill falls of early-onset fame.

Since Bieber Fever swept the land in 2009, the pop sensation has been labelled a flash in the pan and has endured criticism from those in the business placing bets on his career's expiration date.

"It's going to go away. We all know it," Donny Osmond told reporters last year while in Toronto.

Vanilla Ice echoed the sentiment saying "soon something else new will come along and he'll be forgotten."

All right, stop - this is no "Ice Ice baby" situation.

The pride of Stratford's hotly anticipated new album, "Believe," is set for release next week and judging by the speed at which his world tour sold out (1 hour with Madison Square Garden taking just 30 seconds,) it will likely be yet another glowing chapter in his rags to riches fairy tale.

"I think [this album] is about proving people wrong and going out there and making good music and going out there and performing better than everyone else," Bieber told Matt Lauer on The Today Show Friday.

During the visit the teen sensation took the liberty of sending out Lauer's first tweet urging the followers to go buy the album when it drops June 19. Within five hours, the talk show host had amassed more than 100,000 followers prompting him to tweet simply: "Bieber's power!"

It's clear the "Never Say Never" singer and his team are focused on keeping the momentum going by maturing the 18-year-old's image and his music. The album's first single, "Boyfriend," made it quite obvious it's Justin Timberlake's blueprint they're following, and why not?

JT was able to make the jump from boy band heartthrob to successful solo artist to busy Hollywood actor, another career path Bieber has been vocal about wanting to explore more seriously.

Many critics focus on the dismal fate that has befallen many teen idols before him, but they shouldn't forget stars like Timberlake who had the musical talent coupled with the family support to propel him to the next phase.

Bieber certainly has all of these things going for him too, plus Usher as a mentor and Will Smith as a stand-in Hollywood dad.

Vanilla Ice and Donny Osmond may want to rethink those bets.