Mariah Carey(CP images)

Sure, she can sing five octaves but that's not why American Idol dished out $18 million to hire Mariah Carey as a judge for a year. The Grammys and the arsenal of number one hits are also a bonus but the real value comes from the antics fans can expect from the notorious diva that is Mimi. Here are five reasons why fans will flock to see her cray cray each week on live TV:

1. It's all about 'Me Me'

How Mariah Carey will be able to stop talking about herself for long enough to offer advice to aspiring singers remains to be seen but there's no doubt it will be one of the great challenges of her life, right up there with the World's Most Difficult Pregnancy. For viewers at home it will be like watching someone quit smoking cold turkey, fidgeting miserably through the amateurs' performances when she's desperate to pull a Kanye on stage and belt out "Fantasy."

2. Drama, Drama, Drama

Mariah Carey didn't get to be Mariah Carey by playing her cards close to her chest. When she's having a nervous breakdown or suffering from preeclampsia, you'll be the first to know. She really can't help herself and by the end of her stint on Idol, just think of all the juicy tidbits she will have let slide! Can a contestant please choose an Eminem song so we can hear all about how bad he was in bed?

3. Entourage will take up entire audience

We've all heard the rumours over the years about the village it takes to raise Mariah Carey and finally we'll get to see her busy little minions in action right before our very eyes! Will we come back from commercial to find a staffer pouring champagne down her throat? What happens if the aromatherapist massaging Jasmine oil on her feet under the table accidentally rubs Randy Jackson's toes and he lets out a surprise squeal? Of course, there is also a plethora of drinking game options with Judge MC, a swig every time she calls someone "dahling," an extra long gulp when she snaps her fingers for a shawl, perhaps a "chug, chug, chug!" when she changes outfits mid-show...

4. A family affair

Not only does $18 million lock down Mariah for a year but you can be sure hubby Nick Cannon won't be far behind either, if only to provide an opportunity for his famous wife to emasculate him on live TV and reminisce about how his hospitalization for autoimmune disease cut into her spa time. Of course, dembabies Moroccan and Monroe will no doubt make one or two appearances as well, just enough to remind the world of their mother's horrific "47 week pregnancy."

5. Gossip gold mine

It wasn't even a full 24 hours after she signed on the dotted line that TMZ reported Mimi was a "nightmare to work with" during her stint as a guest mentor on Idol in 2008. Of course, details of her record-breaking paycheque weren't exactly kept under wraps either because of course the diva wanted the world to know her fee was higher than J.Lo, Britney Spears or any other reality TV judge in history for that matter. Imagine the gossip gold mine when the show actually starts? Shivers!