Amander Byrnes(AP Photo; Peter Kramer)

She's been called a trainwreck, a spoiled child star and a selfish menace to society but what made things go so horribly wrong for She's the Man star Amanda Bynes?TMZ has published images of the 26-year-old starlet driving around the San Fernando Valley on a suspended license this week, allegedly smoking a marijuana pipe, her vehicle littered with trash and what looks like pot remnants in a cup holder.

The shocking photos come on the heels of Bynes' DUI arrest in April and two subsequent hit-and-run charges, not to mention several other complaints from drivers who are said to have suffered her wrath on the road.

While it's clear Bynes desperately needs help before the situation turns even more tragic than it already is, the person who should be running to her rescue could also be blamed for helping create the dire situation in the first place.

Back in April when his daughter was arrested for DUI, Rick Bynes behaved more like a sycophant than a father, telling People magazine the cops got it all wrong and his famous child wasn't drunk at the time of her arrest. "She didn't have a single drink that night," he said. "My daughter doesn't drink. She is a good girl. She just chooses not to work, and because of that, people go after her."

Sound familiar? While Bynes is busy giving Lindsay Lohan's rap sheet a run for its money, her father's excuses are sounding eerily reminiscent of the kind of stuff we hear out of Dina Lohan's mouth every time she's called to task on Lilo's antics.

A promotional clip for Monday's episode of Dr. Phil proves Dina still refuses to admit her daughter is off-the-rails, instead making excuses when the talk show host points to the 26-year-old's laundry list of infractions with the law. "If she was living in New York, five of those would be obsolete," Dina says.

It would be easy to write off Bynes and Lohan as over-indulged child stars with too much money and time on their hands, but with parents who've buried their heads in the sand for so long, it's no wonder they turned into trainwrecks.

It's no secret kids crave rules and structure and when they don't get it from their parents - especially in those formative years of child-stardom when everyone around them is afraid to say no - they eventually begin to seek it out in other ways.

In the absence of any real parenting, it's like these girls have been subconsciously seeking out their authority fix in other ways, practically begging the cops to call them into the station for one infraction after another.

Whether it's disguised as a jewelry theft or a hit-and-run, it's all just a cry for attention, so if their parents are finally ready to step up, it's never too late for a time-out.

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