Justin Timberlake(CP)

We're not asking him bring sexy back again, but could Justin Timberlake please just bring back the music?

With news the 31-year-old is set to play Sir Elton John in a new biopic, it looks like the answer is not anytime soon.

The "Candle in the Wind" singer's partner in love and producing, David Furnish, has confirmed Timberlake is on board to play the flamboyant star, provided he has chemistry with the director, who has yet to be chosen.

It's just the latest big screen role for the singer-turned-amateur-actor, who seems more determined than ever to earn the respect of the movie industry, despite his true talent lying in music.

He's certainly not the only pop star from today's crop with acting aspirations - Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Beyoncé and Rihanna have all experimented in movies and Katy Perry just signed on to guest star on Fox's Raising Hope - but they didn't turn their backs on their true calling.

They were curious, tried their luck, some more successfully than others (not you Britney) and then, as their fans expected, they went back to the recording studio. What's stopping JT from doing the same?

Is his notorious ego pushing to be accepted as a bona fide actor? Is it demanding, at the very least, an Oscar nomination before allowing him to pick up his guitar again?

And while we're at it, what is it about the silver screen that turns star musicians into insecure wannabes desperate to fit in? They're rock stars for crying out loud! Why do they need to conquer film in order to sleep at night?

Madonna is the perfect example of this phenomenon at work, an absolute icon in the music industry, but until she's accepted by Hollywood, she'll simply never rest. Her desperation to prove she's a talented actress has consumed her life at points, exposing insecurities and maybe a hungry ego as well. When her recent directorial effort "W.E." won a Golden Globe for best song, she took over the microphone with such enthusiasm it's as if she'd just won a best actress Oscar.

Let this be a lesson to Timberlake, who still has time to change the course of history before he starts to look this pathetic.

If you're listening Justin, we really do appreciate your hard work and dedication to learning a new craft, honestly. And we're not asking you to give up your guest stints on Saturday Night Live, we'll take more helpings of those please, but for the love of Tennessee, can you at least consider another album?

Music is what you were born to do, quickly frankly, not play dress up Elton John. If you really want to be the Rocket Man, then sit down with a notepad and start writing some new music. You've got some major catching up to do.