They have access to the best therapists money can buy and are showered with love and compliments from their fans on a regular basis, but many celebrities are still riddled with painful insecurities. Here are five stars who have presented with some pretty obvious symptoms recently.

Victoria Beckham
Diagnosis: Body image issues

She's got four beautiful children, a soccer stud of a husband and a successful career as a fashion designer, but Victoria Beckham can't have her cake and eat it too. Well she could, but she chooses to torture herself with fruit plates instead. In honour of her 38th birthday, the thinner-by-the-day 38-year-old tweeted a photo of her celebratory peach and mango, reminding us how desperate she is to maintain that rail thin figure. What's she so afraid of?

Diagnoses: Daddy issues

There are subtly sexy stars and then there's Rihanna, who is shoving it in our faces so much lately we're starting to go cross-eyed. Her recent vacation to Hawaii seemed more like a professional photo shoot, with the "Rated R" singer uploading hundreds of provocative shots to her Facebook page, including one where she's topless under a waterfall flinging her bikini top around her head. We're all for owning your own body and being proud of your sexuality, but that stopped being the case when the photo gallery went into the triple digits and became a desperate cry for attention. Can someone please give this girl a hug?

Tori Spelling
Diagnoses: Fear of abandonment

You don't need to be a parenting expert to know that having two toddlers and a newborn fresh from the hospital means there isn't a lot going on in the bedroom besides breastfeeding and snoring. Unless of course you're Tori Spelling, who ignored her doctor's orders against having sex because she was desperate to keep husband Dean McDermott happy. "I was like 'Well, I don't want him to think that the sex is going downhill. So here you go, (baby number) four!" Why, because then he'd leave you for another woman like he did with his first family?

Christina Aguilera
Diagnoses: Fear of failure

Can someone please remind Christina Aguilera she was once a rising child star too? The Voice judge clearly doesn't have Bieber Fever because she gave the pop sensation the cold shoulder after he performed on the show recently, icily holding out her hand for a shake as he went in for an embrace. After the "Boyfriend" singer moved along to greet the other judges, Xtina's strained smile was immediately replaced by an obvious snarl. If the 31-year-old is secure enough in her own success, she shouldn't be threatened by his, or act like she's above it. Who's in high school now?

Mel Gibson
Diagnoses: Self-loathing

And we were just saying, hasn't it been far too long since the last obscenity laced Mel Gibson audio tape? Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas just released a recording of the actor bellowing at houseguests and labelling ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva a "filthy little cocksucker" among other names which may shock your virgin ears. Only someone with terribly low self-esteem and self-loathing could lash out in such a hateful way to others. What's the point of buying a church if you're not going to listen to the priest?