Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian

Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian (WENN)

She's long been accused of pimping out her kids, but shocking new claims about reality TV mom Kris Jenner may take her pimp status to a whole new low.

Kim Kardashian's ex, Kris Humphries, apparently claimed his former mother-in-law was the mastermind behind her daughter's infamous sex tape and even had her re-shoot the first version because it wasn't "pretty enough," sources tell TMZ.

The NBA player reportedly spilled the jaw-dropping juice to girlfriend of five months Myla Sinanaj -- the couple has since split -- in a series of text messages while they were dating.

(Sinanaj has been subpoenaed by Kardashian's divorce lawyers in a bid to prove Humphries had already moved on despite alleging he'd been emotionally destroyed by the split.)

Rumours Kardashian was responsible for leaking her sex tape with ex Ray J to promote the launch of her family's reality show in 2007 have been around for years, but this new twist suggests Jenner's thirst for fame and fortune may have steamrolled right over her motherly morals.

During the family's interview on Oprah's Next Chapter last Sunday, Jenner insisted she'd cried herself to sleep for days after learning about her daughter's sticky predicament and Kardashian once again denied any involvement in leaking the tape despite admitting it "definitely introduced" her to the world.

While sources close to the Kardashians tell TMZ Jenner had no role in her daughter's sex tape, her questionable behaviour as a mother in the past has put what would normally be outlandish talk well within the realm of possibility.

In her recent autobiography, Kris Jenner...And All Things Kardashian, the momager detailed the affair that ended her marriage to Robert Kardashian (father to Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Robert Jr.) despite knowing her children would be devastated if the messy details were made public. Even Robert Jr. admitted he didn't even know the affair had happened until promotion for the book began.

"I try to put myself in her shoes, and I would never do that to my family," Kourtney told Oprah Winfrey of her mother's actions.

During the same interview, Kim revealed her mom put her on the birth control pill at the tender age of 14 so she could have sex with her boyfriend, suggesting Jenner has a liberal view towards her daughter's sex life and had a hand in it from the start.

Of course there was also the family's recent YouTube spoof of Biggie Smalls' "Hypnotize Me" video, in which the matriarch grinds alongside her scantily clad clan on a yacht while bending over to get slapped by hubby Bruce Jenner. The 56-year-old had no problem with the camera zooming in on the breasts and backsides of her daughters Kylie, 14, and Kendall, 16, as they danced provocatively in their itty bitty bikinis.

If there ever was a mom who would do the unthinkable and direct their child to shoot a sex tape -- it's Jenner.

How long before her teens get their own?