July 20, 2012 4:56 PM | By Jackie Burns

Has George Clooney finally found 'The One'?

All signs point to Stacy Keibler taming the notorious playboy

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George Clooney and Stacy Keibler

George Clooney drives Stacy Keibler around Lake Como on a motorcycle Lake Como, Italy on June 15. (WENN)

She may no longer be a WWE girl but Stacy Keibler is using her skills outside the ring to pin down consummate bachelor George Clooney.

The blonde beauty with the legs that don't quit appears to be taking her relationship with the Hollywood megastar to the next level, with photos emerging this week of the happy couple bringing together both sets of parents for a holiday at Clooney's Lake Como pad, where Keibler has been shacked up for most of the summer.

The cozy family gathering comes just days after the 32-year-old starlet invited good friend Jenna Dewan and Magic Mike hubby Channing Tatum to join her and Clooney on his yacht and then out for dinner at posh eatery Ville D'Este.

The former Dancing with the Stars contestant seems to have grown quite comfortable -- and confident -- in her role as Clooney's arm candy over the past year they've been dating and hasn't exactly hidden the seriousness of their relationship despite the fact the 51-year-actor is a notorious commitment-phobe.

When asked by a People reporter in May about a fundraiser Clooney hosted for U.S. President Barack Obama at his L.A. home, Keibler's reply revealed the seriousness of her status with the two-time Oscar-winner. "To have the President at our house was such an unbelievable honour," she replied.

Of course there was also the tweet heard 'round the world in November, in which the former Baltimore Ravens cheerleader used the "L" word when gushing about her A-list beau. "You know it's love when your boyfriend has elbow surgery 2 days ago and takes you to a Ravens game. Especially when he's a Bengals fan" Keibler tweeted, along with a photo of Clooney in an arm sling.

While the Ocean's Eleven star has flown the coop at the first sign of a ball and chain in the past, dumping Italian model Elisabetta Canalis abruptly after she came out in an interview to say marriage and children were in her future and asking Sarah Larson to pack up her things when she thought a proposal was imminent, the same rules don't seem to apply to Keibler.

Could the man who has long insisted he will never marry again, have finally found a woman who makes him want to settle down and have children?

With good pals Brad Pitt and Matt Damon having 10 kids between them, could the fatherhood bug have become contagious?

By all accounts Keibler really is the World's Greatest Girlfriend, sharing Clooney's passion for sports, travel and drinking the nights away. Even her ex-boyfriend, Geoff Stults, had nothing but praise for his former flame when asked about her headline-grabbing relationship last year. "I think it's fantastic. I'm happy for them both," he told Access Hollywood.

Unless you're Jack Nicholson, most wild bachelors eventually get struck down by Cupid's arrow and it looks like it may have finally happened to Clooney.

He may soon be joining the reformed ladies' man club with the likes of Warren Beatty, who burned his little black book after marrying Annette Bening, and Mark Wahlberg, the bad boy turned consummate family man to wife Rhea Durham and their four kids.

Any bets on a star-studded wedding in Como next summer?

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