Jessica Simpson (WENN)

Jessica Simpson’s airhead reputation is the perfect cover for an unexpected pregnancy, with reports circling the star thought she couldn’t get knocked up while breastfeeding her baby daughter, but the decision could very well have been premeditated.

While Joe Simpson has been pimping out his famous daughter’s personal life to the highest bidder for years, scoring her latest $4 million Weight Watchers contract to shed 70 pounds of pregnancy weight, unlucky in love Jessica has seemed more intent on searching for her fairytale ending, which she seems to have found with fiancé Eric Johnson and their seven-month-old daughter Maxwell.

Up until now, the starlet has appeared to begrudgingly go along with the professional obligations her father has pushed on her, but all that seems to be changing now.

Reports have been circling for weeks Jessica feels betrayed by her father, a former preacher, furious over his alleged gay affairs and the DUI which recently brought down his 35-year marriage to her mother Tina.

US Weekly reports the Fashion Star mentor is desperate to cut ties with her dad professionally and personally, going out of her way to avoid him at all costs. The 32-year-old even skipped her nephew’s fourth birthday party recently because she didn’t want an awkward run-in with father not-so-dearest.

This surprise pregnancy could be Jessica’s way of calling the shots for once, making a decision she wants, rather than one she’s been pressured into making by her father, who she no longer feels the need to please professionally.

And really, after being the golden goose for her family for years, including sister Ashlee who Jessica has now looped into her lucrative fashion business, shouldn’t it be her prerogative?

The situation is not unlike that of Britney Spears circa 2005, the singer desperate for a family of her own and a break from showbiz, but weighed down by the constant pressure from her father to financial prop up the family business.

While Joe is busy doing damage control with Weight Watchers, the organization is reportedly “furious” at their new spokesperson, already said to be on thin ice for failing to meet the initial weight loss targets forcing them to shoot from the waist up in the first commercial.

“They don’t think it can run,” a source told US Weekly of the ad campaign. “No one wants to hear about a pregnant woman dieting.”

By all accounts, the pregnant star seems oblivious to all the scrambling going on all around her, with a source telling US Weekly the news has left her bursting with happiness.

“Jessica loves being a mom,” says the insider. “She is really overjoyed.”