Jessica Simpson(CP)

Not to rain on Jessica Simpson's pregnancy parade, but she's using the bun in the oven to put money in the bank.

After staying uncharacteristically mum while the world speculated over her burgeoning baby bump, the mom-to-be now appears to be suffering from a wicked new pregnancy symptom: verbal diarrhea.

And as luck would have it, the floodgates have opened just in time for the songstress-turned-entrepreneur to announce herself as the spokesperson for Beauty Mint, a personalized skin care line she's been pushing while gushing about her foray into motherhood.

Simpson is an absolute open book when it comes to her pregnancy experience, but like those time-share seminars, you have to listen to the sales pitch ("I think every woman deserves to love their skin!") before you get to the good stuff.

Her go-to food? "I crave cantaloupe like a crazy person!"

Her hubby-to-be Eric Johnson? "He's been to every doctor's appointment!"

Her deep thought? "Everything is growing, but you're making a life. It's pretty cool."

Her best attempt at more press? "I can't wait to have more kids!"

Simpson's plan to use motherhood as a money-making venture comes after reports her father-turned-manager, Joe Simpson, shopped around the exclusive on her pregnancy to several magazines which reportedly refused to pay the hefty fee he was commanding.

Enter Plan B - Beauty Mint! No doubt daddy dearest scored a hefty bonus for the family business in exchange for his daughter's pregnancy confessionals being linked to the product.

While it may seen a tad crass, the shameless money grab should come as no surprise considering mixing business with pleasure and selling out have always been part of the Simpson family playbook.

The sooner the newest addition to the clan learns this, the better.

Mommy sold her marriage to a reality show and then after the music and movies dried up, grandpa carved out a new niche hawking clothing and perfume.

But despite presiding over the Jessica Simpson Collection, an almost billion-dollar lifestyle empire, it appears the 30-year-old still frets about finances, which could explain why she's already pimping out her first-born.

When asked about her decision to push the wedding until after the baby's birth, Simpson replied: "I'm just glad we didn't make a deposit."