Drew Barrymore pushes baby daughter Olive in a stroller as they go for a walk with husband Will Kopelman (Buzz Foto; Rex Features)

Actress Drew Barrymore is the latest celebrity mom to come out swinging against the paparazzi, telling Oprah Winfrey she’d been  “crying for two months” over the thought of protecting her baby from invasive photographers.

Barrymore’s emotional interview on Oprah’s Next Chapter in January came just a month after the actress sold exclusive photos of daughter Olive, taken when she was just nine weeks old, to People magazine for an undisclosed sum.

Moaning about invasion of privacy while simultaneously inviting the public into your personal life is nothing new in Hollywood, but if stars are genuinely concerned about the affects of aggressive paparazzi culture on their children, why choose to live in L.A., the epicentre of it all?

It’s not like there aren’t plenty of other lovely geographical options.

Julia Roberts has successfully carved out a low-profile life with her family in New Mexico, and you’d be hard-pressed to pick out her three kids in a lineup, despite the fact she’s about as A-list as they come.

And then there’s Shania Twain, who despite boasting the best-selling album of all time by a female, still manages to keep her eleven-year-old son Eja completely off the radar in Switzerland.

Even Demi Moore spent years living a quiet family life in Idaho with her three daughters while they were in elementary school more than a decade ago, giving them a break from the scrutiny they were under in the City of Angels.

Of course the prying eyes of Tinseltown photographers have intensified exponentially since then, a new reality that’s almost pushed new mom Amy Adams to the brink. The actress recently admitted she was on the cusp of an altercation with paparazzi because they continuously focus on her two-year-old daughter Aviana.

“I need to control myself,” she fumed to The Hollywood Reporter during a round-table with fellow actresses Anne Hathaway and Marion Cotillard in November.

When Hathaway piped in to say she and her husband want a baby but ‘where are we gonna live?’ Cotillard interrupted: “Come to France! We have laws!”

That’s just what Oscar-winner Natalie Portman has decided to do, set to move with her hubby and 18-month-old son Aleph to Paris, where by law children’s faces must be blurred in magazines.

Famed paparazzi-loather Halle Berry also wanted to relocate to France with fiancé Olivier Martinez and her four-year-old daughter Nahla, but her plan was scrapped last year by the courts during a nasty custody dispute with ex Gabriel Aubry.

There’s no disputing the most exposed of star kids are those whose parents choose  to raise them in L.A.

Would we really be on a first-name basis with Violet, Honor, Kingston and Harlow if they went to school in Maine? (The notable exceptions being of course Suri Cruise and the Brangelina brood; who photographers would follow to Mars.)