DJ Paul: 'I didn't know Taser gun was illegal in New York'

The Oscar-winning Three 6 Mafia star was reportedly confronted by cops after he was spotted illegally drinking beer on the street. The arresting officers carried out a search of his person and found the Taser gun.

He was booked for carrying an open container of alcohol and misdemeanour possession of a weapon.

But the star, real name Paul Beauregard, insists the incident was a mix-up, and he has pledged to clear his name.

He tells, "I honestly didn't know it was illegal. I thought it was at the same level as pepper spray. My bodyguard wasn't around last night and I was by myself in NYC and anything can happen in the late hours down there.

"I have a clean record and don't want to dirty it up for something minor like this... I wasn't carrying it to go out and harm someone."

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