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Jason Aldean swapped big movie role for smaller part

Country star Jason Aldean turned down a big role in upcoming Western Sweetwater in favor of a bit part, in case he turned out to be an awful actor.

Jason Aldean swapped big movie role for smaller part

The singer, who makes his movie debut in Sweetwater, was initially asked to play a major character, but he feared his acting skills would look amateur next to his experienced co-stars Ed Harris and Mad Men's January Jones.

He tells Connecticut radio station Country 92.5, "With it being my first time acting, I basically turned (a bigger) role down and was like, 'You got something that's a little bit less of a part?' I just kind of wanted to try a smaller part and see if it was something I was even interested in.

"If I was gonna be bad, I wanted to be in the film (the) least amount of time as possible."

Sweetwater is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah later this month (Jan13).

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