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Lady Gaga giving Tamar Braxton's pop career big boost

Pop superstar Lady Gaga is giving Toni Braxton's singing sister Tamar a big boost as she launches her music career by encouraging her 31 million Twitter.com followers to check out her friend's new single.

Lady Gaga giving Tamar Braxton's pop career big boost

Tamar Braxton released her debut song Love & War this week (begs03Dec12) and she already has one big fan on her side.

In a series of Twitter.com posts on Thursday (06Dec12), Gaga writes, "K I NEVER PROMOTE ARTISTS but if u want your mind blown check @tamarbraxtonher 'Love & War' She's Toni Braxton sister + her voice is BEYOND... (sic)

"Buy 'Love And War'... It would mean a lot to me monsters (fans) if u would support her. Its (sic) her turn to shine."

Gaga goes on to reveal that she and the Braxtons have been close for some time, adding: "MYSELF AND @tamarbraxtonher have been the best of friends since her husband Vincent discovered + signed me when I was 20. SHE IS INCREDIBLE".

The Poker Face hitmaker isn't the only celebrity helping Tamar to expand her fanbase - her famous sister Toni and R&B star Ne-Yo have also been tweeting their support for her new song.

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