Russell Brand makes saucy jokes about leading ladies at VMAs

Lothario comic Russell Brand joked he wanted to drug Megan Fox, be a “shoulder to cry on” for Katy Perry and bed Lady GaGa – even if she was an hermaphrodite – as he hosted the MTV Video Music Awards.

The cheeky Brit had GaGa laughing out loud as he told the audience: “If you haven’t worked it out by now, yeah I’m trying to **** her.”

Referring to rumours the Poker Face singer could be an hermaphrodite after a recent fake penis stage stunt, he added: “And if I pull her leotard to one side and find something a little extra there, I will just make it stiff and hang my hat on it.”

GaGa seemed to see the funny side, although Katy Perry and Megan Fox didn’t look too impressed with Brand’s risqué gags when the cameras cut to them while he was on stage.

Brand joked about movie beauty Megan: “She has admitted she is a little bit cuckoo upstairs and I have trained in psychiatry.

“So Megan, if you do have a little dizzy spell love, I could probably drop you a little pill.

“You can go and have a lie down in my dressing room.

“You might get some crazy dreams about being visited by a scarecrow, a perfumed weirdo leaning over you. But let me tell you, that’s a common side-effect. Megan, take your medicine.”

Brand ended the show by saying: “Obviously I’m supposed to say music is the real winner tonight. But Katy Perry didn’t win an award and she is staying in the same hotel as me so she’s going to need a shoulder to cry on. So in a way I’m the real winner tonight.”