Brad Pitt film chilled Simon Cowell after house break-in

Leanne Zaloumis gained access to the music mogul's London home in March (12) after smashing a window with a brick.

Cowell, who was at home at the time, has now opened up about the encounter in U.S. magazine In Touch, revealing he hid in a closet until police officers arrived and arrested his unstable intruder.

He says, "I ended up hiding in one of my wardrobe closets until the police found her."

But the frightening drama didn't end when police took Zaloumis away - Cowell discovered she had written 'Help me' in blood in the house.

And The X Factor boss reveals he was given a chilling reminder of the break-in as he watched Se7en, recalling, "The serial killer did exactly the same thing."

Zaloumis, who insisted she and Cowell were friends, was served with a restraining order after spending 102 days in jail.

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