Nick Gordon sparks gun fury

The I Will Always Love You hitmaker unofficially 'adopted' Gordon when he was 12 years old and he has become increasingly close to Houston's biological daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown following the singer's death in February (12).

After Gordon uploaded the picture to his page, Brown immediately shared her amusement by tweeting, "I & Nick Gordon love U (sic) all!... Ha thank 4 ur (thanks for your) love & support! We R (are) both collectors of guns actually. We always have been. Lol (laugh out loud)."

The controversial snap sparked criticism from followers, prompting Gordon to remove the picture and issue an apology on Twitter.

He writes, "I apologize for posting a picture with my registered gun. That's not what we stand for and I didn't (mean any) harm by it, it's a collectors item... Moving forward I'll obviously be more mindful/thoughtful about how my actions influence others and reflect on the ppl (people) I love and care about."

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