April 16, 2012 10:06 AM | By Ashley Spegel
Regrettable celebrity tattoos

Chris Brown

Chris Brown (© WENN)
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During an appearance in Las Vegas earlier this month, Chris Brown was photographed with some new ink on his neck, which appears to be of a woman's battered face. Although sources close to Brown have told TMZ that the portrait is of a "random woman," everyone has been quick been quick to point out the resemblance to Rihanna, Brown's ex-girlfriend whom he was convicted of assaulting two years ago.

Tattoos - an all too common mistake that can last forever in Hollywood. There are a plethora of famous faces that got inked only to realize their meaningful tattoo has become a permanent reminder of their foolishness. Whether it's paying homage to a former flame or a specific word that got lost in translation, click through this gallery to learn more about some of Hollywood's most regrettable tattoos.

Sep 11, 2012 4:57PM

One word: disgusting!


I have no idea what Rihanna saw or sees in him, battered women syndrome I guess... As for hollywood and his fans sorry this only proves he feels no remorse for what he did, which leads me to ask: Why on earth is this guy still around, selling albums? Sad, sad, sad. Worst part is the public that purchases his stuff, making him richer so that he can flaunt with a tattoo on his neck the act of violence he commited, the man is simply a coward!!!!!

Sep 11, 2012 7:26PM
Chris Brown and Rihanna need to do the world a favour and fly a private jet into the side of a mountain.
Sep 11, 2012 5:42PM
With the cash he has you would think he could afford a decent tattoo. I could do better than that ,drunk as **** !
First the HUGE mistake of beating a woman on the verge of superstardom and then advertising the fact with a tatoo of a bloodied bruised woman strongly resembling that same person IN EVERYONE'S FACE. Not that a woman needs to be a superstar for a beating to be a mistake It's just WAY MORE DUMB when you do it to a HUGE CELEBRITY that EVERYBODY SEES, so THE WHOLE WORLD KNOWS JUST HOW DUMB YOU REALLY ARE.
Apr 18, 2012 4:40PM
Obviously some people are going to regret getting the name of a loved one but they can be removed or turned into some thng else. I really don't care what is on some one's body, it's their body to do with what they want.
Apr 18, 2012 10:53AM

brittany is still the best i dont care what the tabloids say i will still buy her music


Sep 26, 2012 5:06PM
Well, that's what happens when:  too much money and NO class in sight. 
Sep 11, 2012 5:53PM

looks like a very terrible skull candy type tattoo.....very terrible...what a shame to ruin such amazing art.


Sep 11, 2012 4:07PM
wow pulling at thin straws are we????  one side is a bad tatt of a skull (Mexican day of the dead type) and  the other is a bad tatt of a woman that has no resemblance of Rihanna, come people come up with better stories than this....its just a tattoo!
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