VANCOUVER - A film-industry studio boss says there's high unemployment among crews in British Columbia because the province isn't offering enough tax rebates.

Peter Leitch of North Shore Studios says productions are moving to Ontario and Quebec, where tax credits are about 10 per cent higher overall.

He says his studio has had the worst financial quarter in its 23-year history, and the province's $1-billion film industry is in trouble.

Leitch says he has been lobbying the government for more tax rebates to lure film and TV projects to B.C., but so far that has not happened.

He says a return to the provincial sales tax on April 1 will cost even more for the industry, which is also struggling against a high Canadian dollar.

Premier Christy Clark says the government shells out $285 million in tax credits to the film industry and suggests more money won't be available as the province aims to balance its budget.