The Adventures of Tintin

A scene from The Adventures of Tintin (Paramount Pictures)


Apparently in the mood for sexytime 1970s horror after its Jean Rollin wave, Kino trots out two long-lost efforts from the UK, Virgin Witch and Killer's Moon, for your delectation. And in a not-at-all-related vein, Warner drops its latest direct-to-disc Scooby-Doo! movie, Music of the Vampire.


This week sees the arrival of the first seasons of Fox's The Killing and Breakout Kings and BBC Home Entertainment's Come Fly with Me; the second seasons of eOne's Call Me Fitz and Warner's Superjail; Shout! Factory's The Tribe: Season One, Part One and Warner's The Looney Tunes Show Season One, Volume Three. eOne brings the Peter Pan miniseries Neverland to disc, Sony counters with the Stephen King adaptation Bag Of Bones and TVA goes grim with Thorne: Scaredycat. And BBC Home Entertainment courts fans of the classic Doctor Who with the first-ever DVD of The Face of Evil and new special editions of The Robots of Death, The Three Doctors and Tomb of the Cybermen.


Paramount's The Adventures of Tintin, Warner's Happy Feet Two and Alliance's The Three Musketeers are all available in separate 2D and 3D combo editions, while Fox's The Descendants, Paramount's Young Adult, Alliance's My Week with Marilyn and eOne's Melancholia arrive in regular 2D combos. So everyone's accounted for.

There's some interesting activity on the catalogue front, as Criterion bumps its excellent special edition of Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ up to 1080p/24, Fox conjures up a high-def release of Ralph Bakshi's Wizards, Kino trots out the kitschy UK horror classics Virgin Witch and Killer's Moon and Universal brings the first three American Pie movies to Blu ahead of next month's American Reunion.

On the HD TV shelves, Fox has The Killing: Season One, eOne offers Neverland and Warner has a combo edition of Scooby-Doo! Music of the Vampire. But that's it.