Miss March

It's hard to say if a prude is born or made. But I know for certain that I'd embraced my inner prude as early as 1977, when all the cool kids were watching "Star Wars" and I was sitting in a darkened theatre watching "The Goodbye Girl." For some reason I still don't understand, I ended up watching the movie twice. And although I was too young to understand what was happening on screen either time, I will never forget the sight of a nude Richard Dreyfuss sitting on the bed, with only a guitar between Little Richard and me. "I didn't need to see that," I thought. And I really didn't need to see it a second time. I am reminded of this as we await the imminent release of “Miss March,” an R-rated road trip comedy about a bumbling boy’s nudity-filled quest to find his former girlfriend (now a “Playboy” model) after coming out of a coma. There are boobies, bimbos and the film features more nudity than your teenage brother’s laptop (Hugh Hefner also makes a cameo). It’s enough to get any prude’s turtleneck in a bunch. Of course, “Miss March” isn’t the first film to feature body bits we didn’t really need to see. So, here are 10 other movies featuring bits of nudity that, frankly, I could have lived without. Click on the first thumbnail below to get started.