"About Schmidt" (2002) To me, the idea of Jack Nicholson as a sympathetic character or charismatic leading man makes about as much sense as classifying the tomato as a fruit. Yeah, it grows on a vine and it's got its seeds on the inside. But it's a tomato. No way is that stuff nature's candy. And Jack Nicholson is not dessert. He's dangerous -- to anyone with prudish sensibilities, that is. As evidence, I offer up 2002's "About Schmidt," where Nicholson plays a man who's lost everything and must find himself. This is all well and good until he finds himself standing next to a hot tub full of Kathy Bates, whom I'll always remember as the queen of torture in "Misery." In the scene, which to me is the new misery, Bates gets naked, and while many have commented on the size and buoyancy of her breasts, they are only somewhat larger than Nicholson's. I know that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and all. But a workout? That might not be such a bad idea.  More from MSN.com movies