The Swimsuit Story: A pair of good ole boys (Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville), never meanin' no harm, have been in trouble with the law since the day they was born. Oh, and they have a really hot cousin named Daisy (Simpson) who has a fondness for criminally abbreviated denim shorts and string bikinis.

Two-Piece Trivia: Jessica approached her big screen debut with complete dedication. But this being "Dukes" and not "Hamlet," that meant she worked out with a trainer two hours a day, six days a week, to ensure her backside would be jiggle-free. But don't underestimate the thespian talents it took for Simpson to whip off her trenchcoat during her climactic bikini-clad faux seduction scene. "I'm definitely shy," Jess told the Toronto Sun. "I don't even walk around in my bathing suit at the beach. So I was definitely acting, for me to drop the coat and be in a bikini to try to get my cousins out of trouble by using my body. That was acting."