Russell has a hard time pleading that what happened with Tomlin wasn't like him, since five years earlier he got into a feud with Clooney on the set of the Gulf War satire "Three Kings" that led to Clooney punching his lights out. In fairness to Russell, he told Clooney to punch him. In fairness to Clooney, Russell was picking on the little people on the set - an extra here, a driver there - and Clooney got so tired of it, he wrote Russell an angry letter and then took to giving him a piece of his mind directly in front of his face. We think that second assistant director Paul F. Bernard had the right idea - he walked off the set when he witnessed this nonsense, quitting his job on the spot. But Ice Cube, who played a soldier alongside Clooney, said the on-set conflict gave the final scenes of the film extra juice and he "wouldn't mind if the director and the star got into an argument on all of my movies." Yeah, but Cube's from South Central Los Angeles, so "Conflict" is his middle name. We're just sorry no one caught this sandbox quarrel on tape and made a disco remix out of it.