Oz was the voice of Miss Piggy. Brando had become a big piggy. They worked together for awhile on the heist flick "The Score" in 2001, until Brando got so fed up with being told to tone down his flamboyant performance as a homosexual crook that he started calling Oz "Miss Piggy" and telling him, "f*** you." Other stunts the legendary actor pulled include: bringing in a note from his doctor saying he's allergic to Oz so that he wouldn't have to be in the same room as him; refusing to take direction from anyone but Robert De Niro, so Oz had to watch from offsite and send notes to De Niro via an assistant director; and taking off his pants so Oz had to shoot him from the waist up only. Oz later made this legendary understatement: "When you deal with someone like Marlon, you expect quirkiness." If by "quirky" he means "jerky," we totally agree.