May 23, 2012 2:36 PM | By Emma Jones
One and done: Stars who are eclipsed by a single role

What happened to these "one-hit wonder" film stars?

Remember when you thought Elizabeth Berkley, Megan Fox and Haley Joel Osment were going to be huge stars? Well, maybe you didn't. (© CP)
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It's hard enough to break into Hollywood, but once you're in, it's even harder staying there. While landing a lucrative role can lead to dizzying fame for some actors, for others, this chance in a lifetime will overshadow anything else they attempt. Either their brief moment in the spotlight is so intense that their bulb burns out, or else the role is so iconic that, frankly, we can't accept them in anything else. You know exactly who we're talking about. . . or maybe you don't, since the following actors are known by one film, and one film only...

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