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Bloodiest movies of all time

Dawn of the Dead (1978)

Dawn of the Dead (1978)
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Of course, George Romero's fantastic, still justly revered 1968 "Night of the Living Dead" was one of the pictures that proved "art" and "exploitation" were not mutually exclusive terms. And of course it was gory as all get-out, with its slow-moving, "all messed-up" flesh-eating zombies taking their time munching on muscle and gristle and bone and entrails. But it was also in black-and-white, a less effective delivery mechanism for such fare as color could be. And so, 10 years later, we got this larger-scale, full-color zombie fest in which a chopper's worth of survivors camp out in a shopping mall, enabling Romero to make some piquant comments about consumer culture in between body-ripping set pieces. This was the film that so appalled then-New York Times film critic Janet Maslin that she walked out of it after only 15 minutes, and then wrote a review of it anyway. ("You can bet I never did that again," she said in an interview years later, admitting that the heat she took for this professional breach was "justified.") In Maslin's defense, the film is still pretty tough stuff -- gore effects maestro Tom Savini didn't get the reputation he has for nothing, and his work on this film is still pretty convincing to this day.

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