October 11, 2011 11:23 AM | By Kim Linekin
Best and worst prequels of all time

BEST: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks, David Lynch
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In the depressing series finale to 1990-91's formerly groovy "Twin Peaks," we found out that Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee) was killed by her dad (Ray Wise), who'd been sexually abusing her while possessed by an evil spirit named BOB. The TV show hardly ended on a ratings high, so it's doubtful anyone wanted a movie going into more detail about her terrible home life. But writer/director David Lynch just couldn't let Laura rest in peace. Since she was dead at the start of the series, he gave us a 1992 prequel showing the last seven days of her life -- her cocaine use and sexual acting out, her confusion and shame over her dad, his torment and everyone else's lack of interest. The film was a pretty damning portrait of America; it got booed at the Cannes Film Festival and tanked at the box office. Years later, though, some critics have come to its defense. Slant magazine included "Fire Walk with Me" on its list of 100 Essential Films, calling it an "undervalued, hallucinogenic gem." Sure, it's self-indulgent as heck -- but it's also moving and disturbing. "Fire Walk with Me" is one prequel you can't easily dismiss.


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