These two stormy actresses apparently fell out just meeting each other. MacLaine told People magazine that when she walked into director James L. Brooks' apartment to discuss "Terms of Endearment," she was wearing her old movie-star fur coats to feel like her character. "There was Debra [Winger] dressed in combat boots and a miniskirt," MacLaine recalled. "I thought, 'Oh my goodness.'" This mismatch became a full-blown petty feud during the making of the film. One legendary rumour is that Winger lifted her skirt and passed gas in MacLaine's direction; there were also reports that the two slugged each other, semi-confirmed by Winger when she was promoting "Rachel Getting Married" last year: "There might have been a scuffle. I don't remember. I mean, we were wild, you know," she told CBS News Sunday Morning. Their rivalry came to a head when both were nominated for Best Actress for "Terms." When MacLaine got up to accept the award, she reportedly leaned over and whispered to Winger, "Half of this belongs to you." Winger deadpanned, "I'll take half." Many took MacLaine's comment, "I deserve this!" in her acceptance speech as a dig at her losing costar. The two haven't joked around since.