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15 Canadian music acts you should know

Tegan and Sara

Tegan and Sara (© Warner Bros.)
  • Tegan and Sara (© Warner Bros.)
  • BadBadNotGood
  • Diamond Rings (© Astralwerks)
  • The Matinee (© Light Organ Records)
  • Grimes (© Arbutus)
  • The Sheepdogs (© Chris Young, The Canadian Press)
  • Monster Truck (© Maple Music)
  • Dragonette (© Universal)
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As we start to feel the fatigue of end of year lists, like a hangover that leaves a nauseating fur in your mouth, we can turn our attention to the uncharted road ahead and the artists hoping to make 2013 theirs. Already the coming months are shaping up to be a great year in music, but for Canadian content, things are about to get fresher than a Downy dryer sheet. For one thing, Grammy-nominated sister act Tegan and Sara are forsaking indie angst and embracing mainstream pop with their new album Heartthrob, which will be released this January 29. Then there's all those new Canadian up and comers -- Diamond Rings, Grimes, The Sheepdogs -- who are breaking out left, right and centre. Sticking with this locally sourced, homegrown produce, here's just some of the country's best and brightest talent as they stand today...

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