December 5, 2012 11:01 PM | By Emma Jones
2013 Grammy nominations concert: Best and worst moments

Find out who performed, who presented and who was nominated for awards The Grammy Nominations Concert Live.

The Grammys Nominations Concert (© Kevin Winter, Getty Images)
  • The Grammys Nominations Concert (© Kevin Winter, Getty Images)
  • Grand Opening (© Kevin Winter, Getty Images)
  • Best Pop Vocal Album (© Kevin Winter, Getty Images)
  • Record of the Year (© Michael Kovac, Getty Images)
  • Best New Artist (© Christopher Polk, Getty Images)
  • Fun. Plus One (© Kevin Winter, Getty Images)
  • Best Country Solo Performance (© Kevin Winter, Getty Images)
  • Best Album of the Year (© Kevin Winter, Getty Images)
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Adele swept the board at the last year's Grammy Awards with a well-deserved six gongs, but with the new momma slowing things down professionally, we're looking for a worthy successor to her reign. Unfortunately there hasn't been a huge number of commercial hits during this Grammy cycle -- which runs from Oct. 1, 2011, to Sept. 30, 2012, pushing Taylor Swift's Red out of the running, boo-hoo -- and in fact, Adele's 21 (a carryover from 2011) has still dominated as the bestselling album of the year.

That said, viral songs from the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen, Gotye and heck, even Lana Del Rey have thrived in the depths of the interweb and could be the dark horses to watch in this race. Will Frank Ocean, Rihanna or Mumford & Sons beat them to the so-called Big Four: Album, Record and Song of the Year and Best New Artist? Will tonight's performers -- Maroon 5, Fun. and The Band Perry -- bomb or blow us away? Thus the guessing game begins as Taylor Swift and LL Cool J reveal the nominations for the 55th annual Grammy Awards...


Dec 6, 2012 5:48AM

everyone has there own views on things so why just let Taylor be Taylor I know 50 people just myself that sit down and write poems or jingles about their ex's and if they knew who to sell them to they would be out there making money over it to. How many ex post are on fb so quit being jellous let her wear what she wants at least she's not half dressing and hanging out everywhere and sing what she wants

Dec 6, 2012 9:46AM

why are you guys so mean to taylor swift lol, honestly she's still a young girl and this is what young girls do. let her be -.-

Dec 6, 2012 6:23AM
Great to see talented artists like Florence + the Machine, Fun., Gotye and Ed Sheeran be nominated among the LMFAOs and Rihannas of the world.
Dec 6, 2012 1:19PM
Terrible writing. These articles should be subjective, albeit funny at times, but this one seemed to just seemed to take every opportunity to make fun of Taylor Swift. Like her nor not, it's unprofessional for a writer to take so many cheap shots at one person. Very disappointing. 
Dec 6, 2012 2:01AM
How the hell is Van Halen not nominated for rock album of the year?!
Dec 6, 2012 11:30AM

Why wasn't Overexposed nominated for Album of the Year?

Dec 6, 2012 10:56AM
What people see in that ugly, untalented Taylor Swift is beyond my imagination.  Get that women's stupid face off internet, TV, find someone who has some talent.  SHE DOES NOT HAVE ANY TALENT.
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