Moby - Eminem
This MTV-fuelled feud kept things interesting for a little while. The fur started flying during Eminem's acceptance speech for the Best Male Video award at the 2002 MTV VMAs when the controversial rapper thought that Moby was among those booing him. After becoming slightly rattled, Slim Shady said "...That little Moby girl threw me out of my zone for a minute...Keep booing little girl. I will hit a man with glasses" and reportedly threatened to beat up the diminutive DJ backstage. Soon after, Eminem released a video for single "Without Me" in which he dresses up like Moby and makes fun of him and even pretended to shoot effigies of the artist during his tour. Speaking with MuchMusic, Moby played things off, saying, ""He shoots me on stage, he dresses up like me in the video, talks about having sex with me in his song. I've figured it out. He has a crush on me. And at some point he found out that I was straight and he's so upset and hurt, the fact that he has this unrequited crush on me, that's why he's so upset. I'm just waiting for Eminem to come out of the closet." In recent years, the feud has faded into the background -- much like the two artists' careers -- but Moby was quoted in 2005 as saying he found common ground with the rapper after Eminem had criticized President George W. Bush's foreign policies in song "Mosh." "I found myself respecting him for doing that," Moby said.