Judas Priest Cause Suicide
Perhaps the most famous of all rock myths is that certain heavy metal bands recorded backwards satanic messages on their records. Such foundless rumours were merely harmless hype until 1990, when the parents of James Vance and Ray Belknap took British metallers Judas Priest to court, accusing them of causing the attempted suicide of their sons (one was successful, the other shot half his face off). It was claimed the boys took the decision after hearing a message that allegedly urged the listener to "do it", on their 1978 song Better By You Better Than Me.

Fortunately for the group, it was shown that the backwards masking of subliminal messages could not influence the behaviour of humans (even very dumb, teenage rock fans) but not before singer Rob Halford hilariously demonstrated to the court that, when played in reverse, their song Exciter appeared to contain the phrase: "I asked for a peppermint, I asked for her to get one." Case closed.