Bob Dylan Plays Piano For Bobby Vee
When Bob Dylan first arrived in New York, with a battered guitar and some half-learned Woody Guthrie songs, he must've figured no one would take him too seriously if he revealed his true identity as a well educated, Jewish boy from Minnesota. So the young Dylan began to tell stories of his time riding trains like a hobo, and running away to join the circus. Incredibly, early biographers swallowed such tall tales and it took a few years before more sceptical Dylanologists began to sort the myth from the truth. One story most took with a pinch of salt was that Bob had played piano for US pop sensation Bobby Vee. Since Mr Zimmerman is hardly the world's greatest keyboard player, even now, few believed the story. But in 1991, during an interview with Ronald Sklar, Vee confirmed the collaboration, saying: "He played pretty good in the key of C. The gig was in a church basement. When he wasn't playing, he would come up behind me and do handclaps. He was a nice guy, and wiry, with a lot of energy and no money, just like us." The story doesn't come completely fib free, however. It seems Dylan got the job by telling Vee's brother that his name was Elston Gunn and that he'd just come off tour with country star Conway Twitty. It wasn't and he hadn't.