Paul McCartney Is Dead
Anyone alive at the time will remember that terrible day in 1966 when they learned of the death of Paul McCartney. It was the University of Michigan newspaper that first broke the story of the Beatle's demise; realising that the lyrics of A Day in the Life from Sgt Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band, coupled with the floral 'P' on the cover could only mean one thing... Their suspicions were confirmed when they unearthed a picture of Paul wearing a black armband with the initials OPD on them (i.e. Officially Pronounced Dead - obviously). The Detroit Free Press took the story and ran with it, adding more irrefutable evidence in the shape of playing Strawberry Fields Forever backwards until they could hear John Lennon say the words, "I buried Paul". When McCartney appeared on the cover of the band's 1969 album Abbey Road, with no shoes on, everyone's worst fears were confirmed - The Beatles had replaced their dead friend with a lookalike.

This extraordinary conspiracy theory now strikes us as deeply ironic since it's now clear that, along with cockroaches and Pot Noodle, Paul McCartney is one of the few things that would survive even a nuclear attack - emerging from the fall out shelter, eyebrows raised, and thumbs aloft.