March 15, 2012 12:34 PM | By Emma Jones
Twenty songs to drink to this St. Patrick's Day

Raise a toast to these potential Paddy's Day ditties

Ke$ha poses at Y 100 Radio Station on July 31, 2010 in Miami, Florida (© Ke$ha poses with a bottle of Jack (credit: Larry Marano/Getty Images))
  • Ke$ha poses at Y 100 Radio Station on July 31, 2010 in Miami, Florida (© Ke$ha poses with a bottle of Jack (credit: Larry Marano/Getty Images))
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Ahh, St. Patrick's Day: the one day of the year when everyone and their mother seems to be Irish. Whether you see the event as a celebration of Irish culture, an ode to the Saint who rid the Emerald Isle of snakes, or a chance to show off your swinging Irish jig, St. Patrick's will always be a great excuse to wear tiny hats and chug green beer mid-week.

But for all you free-wheeling fun seekers intending to celebrate the day holed up in an Irish bar (promotional Guinness hats aplenty), do remember that nothing compliments good alcohol better than great music. With that in mind, here's our guide to the booziest tunes to pair with your favourite tipple. Sláinte!


Mar 17, 2012 4:47AM

Okay so here's the REAL list in no particular order after #1 as whoever wrote this article hasn't got a clue!

1.   Amhran na bhFiann - The Irish National Anthem (The Soldiers' Song)

2.   Dirty Old Town

3.   Finnegan's Wake 

4.   The Town I Loved So Well

5.   The Fields of Athenry

6.   I Useta Love Her

7.   Come Out Ye Black and Tans

8.   Whiskey In The Jar

9.   Carrickfergus

10. Mary Mack

11. A Nation Once Again

12. God Save Ireland

13. The Flight of Earls

14. Only Our Rivers Run Free

15. The Ould Triangle (may find it spelled as the Auld Triangle)

16. The Rare 'Oul Times

17. The Pub With No Beer

18. Four Green Fields

19. The Green Fields of France

20. Irish Ways and Irish Laws.


Happy St. Patrick`s Day all.

Mar 17, 2012 10:26AM
I find it tragic that a list of St. Paddy's day songs barely has any Irish Music. I went to a St. Patrick's day party at a bar the other night, and had to beg the DJ to play some Irish music. People need to realize that St. Patrick's day is not just a night to get drunk, it's a night to celebrate your Irish heritage! If you want to listen to your Kesha and your Rihanna and call that drinking music on any other night of the year, go for it, but on St. Patrick's day, you better be listining to Irish music, otherwise, don't call it a St. Patrick's day party.
Mar 17, 2012 8:15AM

WTF....who came up with this list??????...... songs by Elton John, Rihanna,....If this is how the rest of North America celebrates St.Pats Day then I am very gratefull that I am from Newfoundland... the closet place in North America to Ireland! I ****ed more Irish rooted music this morning with the quart of whiskey I drank last night....... come to Newfoundland and we will show you how to celebrate St.Patricks Day properly.... through IRISH rooted music, whiskey and Beer..... the person who came up with this list must have been thinking about any other Saturday night, not Paddy's Day, what  a f-ing moron

Mar 17, 2012 4:25AM

Irish Drnking Songs ; Black Velvet Band, Danny Boy, Cockles and Mussels, I'll take you home again Kathleen,  Rose of Tralee, When Irish Eyes are Smiling, Irish Washerwoman (yes there are lyrics if you can keep up), If your Irish, come into the parlour, The Irish Rover, Its a Long Way to Tipperary, McNamara's Band.

They might be old but after a few Guinness, who cares as long as there is more Guinness

Mar 17, 2012 12:23AM
This is so dumb. You owe me 5 mins for the time I just lost, reading about 20 songs I hope to Fuq I don't hear on St. Paddy's. Cheers to those with a sense.
Mar 17, 2012 10:27AM

These songs have nothing to do with St. Pat's day at all. This list could not get more horrid. Where's "Whiskey in a Jar" or "Shipping up to Boston" or....anything Irish Rock for that matter.

Mar 17, 2012 12:14AM
This List is absolutely horrible! It's st.patricks day drinking songs and not even one mention of Flogging molly or Dropick Murphys!! I agree that who ever made this list should be FIRED ASAP!
Mar 17, 2012 8:48AM
Emma has probably never attended a St. Patrick's Day event.  Maybe she lives in a closet with her MP3 player and any tune she heard with liquor words appealed to her.  Expand your horizons, come to Halifax, Nova Scotia, or St. John's, Newfoundland.  Enjoy a St. Patrick's Day afternoon or evening in a 'local' and experience how we celebrate the Day.  Learn 'how to drink' and how to sing the old favourites.  This selection is rubbish!!!
Mar 17, 2012 12:58AM
Yeah... that's right, let's invite Keisha and Rhiyanna and a few other brothaas and sistaas to our Irish festivities.  That should go over about as well as the Irish Rovers headlining the next ghetto homies rap fest. The idiot (Emma Jones) who chose these songs should be straightjacketed, tucked in a padded cell and force fed karaoke Sinead O'Connor and Adele songs for the rest of her life.
Mar 17, 2012 9:33AM
Mar 17, 2012 9:36AM
This is the saddest list of anything I've ever read. Where's Justin Bieber Emma?Where? I don't know about the rest of you, but I can't get into the Patty's Day spirit without my Bieber. Sure Pink, Rhianna and the " Piano Man" can hold me over, but without a hearty filling of the Beebs I don't think I can celebrate properly.

Emma you've let me down. I was adding each of these songs one by one as they popped up on the list to my ipod so I could listen to them while I was out on the town drinking my gin and tonic and celebrating like a proud Irishman. Now my list is incomplete. Thanks Emma, Thanks alot.

Mar 17, 2012 8:30AM

This proves that even an idiot can get a job. I wouldn't be going to his house for a Paddy's Day party it would SUCK. I can probably go on iTunes and get an album that would be better. Just saying.


Mar 17, 2012 12:27PM
oooooo, a pop star glorifying drinking thats soooo original. I bet that waste of skin kesha thinks she invented that gimmick too. pffft losers. BTW Rihanna sucks!!!
Mar 17, 2012 7:42AM
Where should the16th Century Irish Pub song "Whiskey In The Jar" by Metallica, Thin Lizzy,  or any other artist from over the last several hundred years fit into this list? 
Mar 17, 2012 1:42AM
Don't get me wrong, Chelsea Dagger is a great song. It's just that every time I hear it, I have a sudden urge to throw my beer against a wall and start cursing some fellow named Luongo. 
Mar 17, 2012 7:52PM
This article is just another example of how the media is completely out of touch with what's up. For this Celtic blooded man the only st Pat's day song that matters is the foggy dew. Up the rebels !
Mar 17, 2012 7:13PM
Who ever the jackwads that posted this wee article are...I banish you from celebrating the St.'s day! Be a stupid alcoholic every other day of the year if you like...but leave the Irish out of it! ****g offensive nonsense!
Mar 17, 2012 3:13PM
have to agree with the majority of posters. This list was fairly terrible.
Spirit of the West & Great Big Sea - "I'm a Rover" are missing and that is very disappointing.
tsk tsk.

Mar 17, 2012 1:59PM
Except for the Pogues the rest of the list is SH*TE!!! You might want to check out "Home for a rest" by Spirit of the West.
Mar 17, 2012 9:56AM
I think you have volunteers confused with idiots
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