March 21, 2012 11:41 AM | By Emma Jones
A-list playlist: The favourite music of your favourite celebrities

What do A-list celebs listen to? You might be surprised at their picks

Deadmau5 and Don Cherry (© CP/Getty)
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Don Cherry has outed himself. . . as a Deadmau5 fan. Speaking to CBC Music, the Coach's Corner co-host recently revealed: "I like all of Deadmau5's music, but only play it in my black 1983 Lincoln," because it "gets me in a pumped-up mood."

Deadmau5 and Don Cherry; Don Cherry and Deadmau5 -- no matter how many times you read it, it still sounds too cool to contemplate. You can only imagine ol' Grapes cruising around in his Lincoln with the windows rolled down, dressed in FabricLand's finest print and nodding his head to the beats of "Aural Psynapse."

But The Don isn't the only celeb to have a surprising taste in music. We've rounded up the favourite songs of famous people and, while some selections seem to fit the individual, a few choice tracks are completely unexpected. Skip forward to check out (and judge) which artists make the queue on an A-list playlist. Whose taste rocks and whose makes your eyes roll?


Mar 22, 2012 9:03AM
Don IS all grown up!  You keep staying hip with the kids Don! We love you and everything you have to say! xoxoxox
Mar 22, 2012 2:08PM
your an ass Stanley and Paulko Don Cherry is Coaches Corner alone with Ron McLean not Glen Healy or any one else for that matter if you don\t like what Don and Ron talk about go to the ballet or something
Mar 22, 2012 9:46PM

Don it doesnt matter what music you listen to, as long as you are still a main stay on HNIC. If for any reason you get canned I will personally get a petition going to get that pompous ass Brian Burke run out of town and get you over to TSN.BY the way the  person who mentioned Rose and Blue should learn a little bit about what to say and when to say it, you phuqing ****. DON CHERRY FOR PM

Mar 22, 2012 7:50PM

Judging by the other comments, I'm the only one who made it past the first page. Congrats to me!

I wonder if anyone really cares what Don Cherry likes. I KNOW I SURE AS HELL DON'T AND THAT EVEN INCLUDES  THE JACKASS HIMSELF.
Mar 22, 2012 12:35PM

Well, Don Cherry is too old and jerky, so Glenn Healy is much more better on Hockey Night In Canada than Don Cherry . Let Don Cherry go away immediately right away.  Always yes and true! Thank you.



Mar 22, 2012 12:35AM
poor Don Cherry. Has gone down hill since the loss of his wife. and dog. Grow up Don.
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