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Big Brother 15 exit interviews

Howard Overby

Howard Overby (© Global)
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Howard Overby, the 29-year-old Youth Counselor from Hattiesburg, Miss. was the latest house guest to be evicted from the Big Brother house. Following his eviction, Howard participated in a conference call with media outlets including MSN to discuss the hate speech inside the house this season, the incident with Amanda that played over the live feeds and how he feels about Candice.

You were fiercely loyal to the Moving Company alliance. Do you think that hurt you in the game?
I think it hurt me in the game once the alliance broke up. The powers that be in the house made it seem like I was so wrong for being a part of the Moving Company and lying about it to Helen. It was basically just used against me. I’d say I was a good guy but then why would a good guy lie? I wouldn’t have minded leaving the house while still being loyal to an alliance.

Why do you think Helen ended up dominating the house so much?
Unfortunately, this season was the season of a lot of Indians and not lot of chiefs. It was a very, very young cast. I’m 29 and I think there might have been only three people older than me in the house. It wasn’t a typical season of Big Brother where you are aligning here and playing the game. It became a game about insecurities and manipulation. Helen and Amanda are great manipulators. I tip my hat to them. Do what you’ve got to do to win. I was disappointed that people didn’t see through that.

How hard was it for you to hold yourself back when there was so much hate speech going on in the house?
It was probably one of the hardest things that I’ve ever had to do. As I said in my exit interview with Julie Chen, being from where I’m from, the South aka the Deep South, these situations happen. In the outside world, you kind of walk away and bite your tongue. But when it’s in the room next to you and you have to talk to the same people, it’s very, very, hard. Then, it gets disrespectful to the point where you have to hold your tongue because of what you represent. If I got emotional and said what I wanted to say, it would have been deemed as being too boastful or aggressive because of who I am and my physical stature. That’s unfair…which also makes you mad. Always having to bite your tongue and taking the high road is very frustrating.

For people to be privy to something that you can’t react to, even if the reaction would be understood, is very hard. But that’s God in me. He took control in those situations. It’s very unfortunate.

The most unfortunate thing out of all of that is that it’s high entertainment. For whatever reason, it makes the ratings go up. People want to watch and that’s the sad reality. People like to see that, but they don’t understand what people go through being a part of it.

Can you talk about the personal attacks and how they affected your game?
Any time you bring someone’s religion into it by saying “He’s such a good Christian, why would he lie?” – I understand gameplay and I understand the game, but Candice, Spencer and I were not willing to reach that deep to sway somebody. It was very hard being on the outside it [that type of gameplay]. It makes it hard to play the game. I think any regular season of Big Brother where you have a few more mature adults in the house, they can see some of those things for what they are make then you’ve got an entirely different season…one where you don’t have four people running the house. With this season, there weren’t many people like that and some were easily lead astray or couldn’t make any move in the house without having the eye on the prize. People didn’t want to talk to you because they didn’t want the powers that be to see and say “Why are you talking to them?” It made it hard to be social.

The hardest thing for me was leaving Candice in the house after all the things were said. She can be social but I was the one who could ignore a lot of the person [attacks]. Even if you know it’s true, you’re being manipulated and bullied into doing things that you don’t want to do. That’s so hard.

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Jul 30, 2013 12:12PM
Yeah she's so sorry she is out partying it up and RT her twitter fans that excuse her or say she isn't a racist. Kaitlin was the one who started "What'chu gone do gurl" to Candice and then threatened to knock her teeth out. Aaryn joined her immediately when she saw it was okay to do that from Kaitlin. Kaitlin is the one saying Helen is good at math for being asian in a nasty mocking way not funny or joking and then made jew comments with Jeremy. Granted one time Jeremy said the f-word and Kaitlin got on him for that. One time in a 1000 others she sat there for. Like when GM and Aaryn made countless asian insults and go fix me a bow of rice comments. She didn't do anything to stop them. Especially when they crossed major lines like saying "you can't see the **** in the dark" referring to Candice being black. Kaitlin can sit there on her high horse now because she got out when she did, but she was just as much involved in that festering mob mentality. No excuses, apology not accepted.
Jul 24, 2013 12:03PM
who gives a crap? The millions of people that watch it!!!
Jul 9, 2013 4:51PM
Like... Dude... Like ... who actually gives a flying bag of crap about this utterly moronic show.  Oh yeah !  Like ... Only people watching this mind numbing brain fart of a program are people too stupid to have a life or after effect rejects from Joisy Shore. 
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