Wil Heuser

Big Brother 14's Wil Heuser. (Global)

Evicted Big Brother houseguest Wil Heuser chats exclusively with MSN.ca about his experience in the house, "zings" his former housemates and gives advice to Canadians auditioning for Big Brother Canada.

When did you first start to suspect there was a big alliance in the house?
Definitely when Janelle when up on the block. I had a feeling that her going up was not a sole decision on Danielle's part. And then when Frank did not use the PoV to put up Dan, I definitely knew that they were just going to pick off those of us that aren't in this (not very) "Silent Six" alliance. I think it was the worst game move of the season. Frank had a golden opportunity there to get rid of the best Big Brother player of all time, Dan, and he totally flubbed it up.

Do you still think that Dan is the best player in the game?
Right now, I think that he's in the best position in the house. He's holding off on competitions, is well liked and unless Jenn or Ashley have gotten HoH, I don't think he's going up on the block this week.

Have you heard about the "Quack Pack" alliance yet? It's pretty much the silent six with the exception of Boogie/Frank and the addition of Ian.
The Quack Pack?! That's new! I think we're probably the season with the worst names. Jenn, Ashley and I had an alliance and we called ourselves the "Team Tits."

Janelle was your coach for the first portion of the game, what made you turn against her?
I didn't necessarily agree with how Janelle was playing the game. I had sensed a lot of animosity from other houseguests about how fake she was being. She was very verbal about kissing butt to the HoH. I felt like everyone could see through it and that is not how I wanted to play the game. I was certainly not playing to have her win $100,000. I was playing to win half a million for myself. I had no problem going against what she wanted me to do.

A week later, do you regret voting Janelle out and not working with her to go up against Boogie and Frank? Looking back, could keeping Janelle have helped your game?
I would have loved for Janelle to have stayed. I know that she would not have put me on the block and would have stuck by Ashley and I for at least two or three more weeks. If Ashley and I had voted to keep her in, she would have still gone home. We had to avoid that target being put on our back.

You stayed true to yourself, but is there anything you wish you could have done differently? As far as sucking up to certain players?
I don't regret not sucking up or kissing butt...But what I do regret is lying in week three. I had Frank and Mike [Boogie] eating out of the palm of my hand and that was a move I did not need to make. It was totally unnecessary and I thought that by blindsiding Boogie's team, it would better our chances with HoH and then of course, the coaches twist happened and that just came back to bite me in the butt. I think that's why I'm sitting right here talking to you!

How real is the "showmance" between Frank and Ashley? Is this just her way of sucking up and staying safe?
As long as Ashley's not fooling me and she's the person I think she is, I think that it's one of her strategies. She's well-liked by everyone in the house. However, I know that she does have a hot spot for Frank, so it could very much be real! Everyone thinks she's half-asleep all the time... I think people underestimate Ashley. I think she's more calculated than others think.

Boogie has coasted through and has let Frank do all of his dirty work, do you see that changing anytime soon? During last night's HoH competition, Boogie went for the $10K rather than HoH.
I haven't heard much about the HoH yet, but that doesn't surprise me. I think he's definitely going to let Frank do all the dirty work for now and I can see him totally tossing Frank to the curb later. Frank, in my opinion, is just a sock-puppet for Mike [Boogie]. It's sad, because I did think that Frank was one of the best players in the house, if not the best. He's such a fan of the show and has been disillusioned by this camaraderie with Mike. I hope it comes back to bite him in the butt. I meant what I said last night about how everybody should play their own game.

What was up with Joe's speech?
I think he had a bad case of diarrhea of the mouth! I don't know what was up with his speech, but it's not surprising coming from Joe. I think he's probably the worst player of our season.

Do you have any predictions as to what's in store this week with Shane being HoH?
I'm going to say that the not-so silent six is going to pick off either Jenn, Joe or Ashley. I think they'll hold on to Ian for right now.

Based on the editing, it seems that Danielle is the one pursuing a showmance with Shane, what was it like in the house? Is there real chemistry between those two? Or is Shane just playing her?
I have never seen a guy treat a girl as rough as how Shane treats Danielle. To be honest with you, he has said some of the nastiest things to her! I think he takes some opportunities to make it seem like there's a showmance there. Unfortunately, he takes digs at Danielle, which is not very nice. I think that at the end of the day, she's a great person. She's got somebody back in Alabama who she likes a lot and I think that she'd like to just be friends with Shane but he's making it kind of hard. Yesterday, we were sitting around the couch and he just kicks a flip flop off her foot for no reason. Alright, what are you? 10?!

What kind of a player is Jenn inside the house? As viewers, we sometimes forget she's there.
Definitely! Jenn is just trying to lay low and be quiet. She comes off that way, but I definitely see a fiery side to her, so I wouldn't be surprised if started being more of a presence on the show in a couple of weeks if she can hang in there. She's definitely as exciting as her hair.

Big Brother fans love confrontations. Some of the big personalities have already left (including yourself, Janelle, Willie) - do you think with the remaining players willl give us a big fight this season?
Going on my gut instinct right now, I would say no. The not-so silent six will play it safe.

Canadians are auditioning for the first ever Canadian edition of Big Brother, do you have any tips?
I think that you should be yourself. If you're loud and out there, then be exactly who you are! I know a lot of people will say "No, play a role." But if you've got a shtick, go with it. If you've got some wackiness in you, ramp it up a little bit! I think that having a fun personality definitely goes a long way.

You get to be Zingbot...share your zings!
Dear Frank, the only thing you're good for is making tacky slogans for cheap beer commercials! Boogie, lay off the botox!

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