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Coronation Street spoilers: Tracy and Tina row over Rob

Coronation Street: Hayley's funeral

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Coronation Street spoilers for this week finds the residents struggling to come to terms with Hayley’s death. Just as she affected each and every person in a different way when she lived, she is having the exact same effect with her passing.

The community joins to bid farewell to Hayley and, in their own way, give Roy the strength he needs to get through the funeral.

However, he is determined to boycott the ceremony. Carla won’t have it; she orders him to get dressed and they join the other residents as Hayley's cardboard coffin arrives in the hearse.

At the funeral, Fiz speaks about her memories of Hayley, but Roy feels he can't remain silent anymore. What is he going to say? Is he about to reveal Hayley's secret?

Feb 9, 2014 1:14PM
The storyline with Tina going after Peter is totally ridiculous.  Tina would no more be interested in Peter than she would be in Norris.  He is a cigarette smoking, going no where, married, alcoholic.  Why on earth would she sign herself up for that?  Also, the homeless lesbian and Sophie.  From antagonism to passionate kissing - really?  On the other hand, the Hayley storyline was absolutely brilliant.  Kudos for that.  I miss her like a good friend and I just don't know what wounded bird Roy will do without her.  Becky not showing up for Hayley was a HUGE gap.   I have watched Coronation Street since the first episode in black and white with Ena Sharples, Martha Longhurst and Minnie Caldwell sitting in the snug at the Rovers.  I love it all, even when it gets mundane or ridiculous.  Glad to read that Ken and Kevin have been cleared of pedophile charges and will be back.  I never thought I'd say that in a sentence.
Writers of corrie do a canadian fan a big favour get tracey barlow the hell of the show she takes away from the show it should have been her leave the show not haley the story is not going to be the same without haley. Whats poor roy going to do without his hayley. Also getting bored with nicks pity party I know its a brain injury but enough already the story is already played out.Other than that keep up the good work corrie writers and cast.
Feb 9, 2014 8:39AM
I as avid looker of Corrie street and my fan club for you are still having Tracy, why you put her there in the first place.  she spoils the program for us every time she appear, WHY ??? I say, Tracy takes out all the fun out of what we' re watching. That character should be long gone, never to return. Just write her out for goodness sake, please ???...
Feb 9, 2014 8:55AM
After all, Dennis is living off Rita with no qualms, has he not a bit of man left in him. Rita should kick him to the curb for good, let Gloria have a go at him. We' ll see she won' t put up with him for so long or will she. I' ve been watching Corrie for so many years and have seen so many things happening. I don' t know what' s happening to our cobbles but I must say that this year is for the birds, very deceived are we here in one part of Ontario, Canada, the biggest fan club of this province. We meet each year in droves and we don' t seem to be as enthused as in the past. Will we be seeing difference in the writing and programming anytime soon or is Corrie fading  away smoothly ???
Feb 9, 2014 6:34PM

I agree that Tracy should be sent back to prison, even if just for selling Rob's things. It is after all, theft.

Will definitely miss Hayley. Her storyline of late has had me near tears or in tears at one point or another.

Dennis is a joke and Rita needs to let him take off with Gloria without giving him one red cent.

The Tina/Peter storyline is far-fetched. I would like to see her with Rob. He could become a decent human being (seems he's trying, but with Tracy by his side, he's bound to screw up again) and Tina deserves a happy life.

As for Nick, I'm sorry for those who are tired of his pity party. Unless you have been in his shoes (and I have been) you can't understand the issues surrounding head injuries. It is not an easy road at all. And yes, often very long-term. Let the story play out.

Finally, I really wish they would dump Anna Windass. This self-serving goody two-shoes is a lousy mother and always sticking her nose in where it doesn't belong. She couldn't even see the evil in her precious little adoptee. It's no wonder that Eddie Windass left this hag. They could also get rid of Michelle and team Steve up with the adorable, charming Andrea. She has so much more personality than Michelle. BTW, does anyone else agree that if Michelle is so against having more children, she should have had herself fixed instead of putting the task on Steve? I so miss Becky. She was the best thing to happen to Steve. I'm so glad she has a good life (storyline wise) but wish she would come back, at least for Hayley's funeral. Royston could use her support.

Feb 10, 2014 12:34AM
Why did they have to kill off Haley in such a painful way, it should have been someone else.  Also, I don't know when I missed this part (cuz I never do) but where has Faye gone??  Her and her black friend were sickening.  That black kid needed to get her ass kicked by someone.  They need to give Sophie a much better storyline.  The homeless shelter is fine but the new girl is just boring and dumb.  Im in my 50's and have been watching since I was 14 yrs old.  Id come home from sunday school and put it on at 11;00 sunday morning and watch it.  Even at that young age I loved it and still do.
Feb 9, 2014 6:09PM
Two very good actresses and the best on Coronation Street and all soap dramas for me. Thanks Tracy especially for all the memories over the years.
Feb 9, 2014 1:06PM
Sure we would all like to punch Tracy in that big mouth of hers but when you get to be hated by most people on this show you have made your mark. Sick and tired of looking at Leanne and her long face.
Feb 9, 2014 2:09PM
I wish they would get rid of Gail and David Platt.  I hate both of them; they are useless.  If Gail Platt was my mother I would kill her.  Why would she go back to the name Platt (after Richard tried to kill her) when Martin had cheated on her?  David is just revolting.  Tracy Barlow is nothing but annoying and irritating all the time.  Ditto for Beth. I used to like the last Nick, he was really cute, but then they replaced him with this ugly guy with the ears that stick out like sugar bowl handles.  I got to being able to tolerate him but now I am sick of his pity party and moods.  I wish they had had Sophie go to university instead of working in the corner store and being a nothing.  And please get rid of Faye; what an ugly and uninteresting kid; she lies all the time.  I have been watching the show since about 1980 and it used to be fun; there were happy people in it and a lot of humour.  Now it is just depressing; what are the producers trying to do, lose viewers?  Why did they bring back Todd Grimshaw?  I didn't even like him when he was supposed to be straight an****od guy; now he is just trying to break up Marcus and Maria for fun.  Horrible.  This show has really lost its appeal.
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