"CSI: Miami"

David Caruso in "CSI: Miami" (Paramount/CBS)

Creating a hit show is like creating a unicorn: it's impossible and one could argue they don't even exist anyway. But even the most skeptical among us has to agree, they do happen once in a while. (Hit shows, not unicorns.) So when they do, network executives understandably look to capitalize on the power of a hit by using some of its mojo to create a spinoff. Maybe they take a main character and have them leave the show and strike out on their own. Maybe they introduce an entirely new character in an episode and just base a show on them. Maybe the show takes place in the same universe but a different part of space (or underwater or that dimension, etc.) Whatever form the new show takes, it's not always guaranteed they'll be successful. With "CSI" -- one of the most successful spin-offers out there -- set to crossover all three of its spin-off series, here's a list of some hits and misses that spun off from hits.