Cobie Smulders & Josh Radnor ("How I Met Your Mother")

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The first episode is set in 2025, when an unseen narrator named Ted (voiced by Bob Saget from "Full House") sits his teenage son and daughter down to explain to them how he met their mother. He tells a mushy story about how his younger self (Josh Radnor) met a Canadian news anchor (Vancouver cutie Cobie Smulders) and almost scared her off by declaring his love after one date. These two have so much chemistry that she's destined to be the mother of Ted's children, right? Wrong! In a tension-fueling twist, Ted reveals that this was how he met their "Aunt" Robin - the kids are going to have to sit through many more stories before learning who he eventually marries. How will Ted ever be just friends with a woman he clearly adores? Who will capture his heart for good? Tune in for five seasons and counting!

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