Now that "2 Broke Girls" is this fall's highest rated new sitcom, if you want to pay tribute to it on Halloween the only question to ask is: are you a Max or a Caroline? If you're brunette, busty and sarcastic, go as Max. Just find a mustard-coloured tweed-like dress, a red apron and "Max" it up by adding black boots, two large safety pins attached to the colour, dark lipstick and a black bra poking up from your cleavage. (The costume is rather detailed.) Max also wears chunky bracelets and chews gum. If you're blond, tall and effervescently snooty, go as Caroline. On top of that dress and apron, you'll just need strappy platform heels and a humungous pearl necklace.

Level of Difficulty: 6/10. That yellow dress may be hard to find in vintage shops. And it must be yellow, but any thick fabric will do. The red apron should be cheap enough, if you can find one that's all red and doesn't have any silly cows or designs on it.

Make It More Halloweeny: Carry around a hobby horse named Chestnut, and explain to people that he starved to death because he had to live in a tiny, unsheltered enclosure in the middle of Brooklyn and never got to run in grassy fields, plus his owners left him alone too much while they were working and partying. RIP Chestnut.