Julie Bowen as Claire Dunphy on Modern Family (Peter "Hopper" Stone/2011 American Broadcasting Companies, Inc.)

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The big moment on last week's "Modern Family" was Lily dropping the F-bomb - at first by accident and then when she saw how it made Cameron laugh, she said it again to stop him crying at a wedding. It was a cute subplot but the writers didn't take it very far, perhaps because they were already getting so much flack for going there in the first place. Instead, the episode was dominated by Claire's run for city council. After a poll in the local paper pronounced her "angry and unlikeable," her family forced her to practice her debating skills in front of them so they could mercilessly point out her every angry and unlikeable tic. Unfortunately, that just reminded me how little I like Claire at this point. Her uptight schtick is wearing as thin as her underfed body. Remember the Claire who artfully toyed with Phil on their alter-ego date at the hotel bar? She seemed lusty and loose then, only needing to raise an eyebrow to keep Phil in check. Today's Claire would probably start flailing her bony arms and beat him up.