April 12, 2012 1:41 PM | By Kim Linekin
TV recap: The Sublime and the Ridiculous

Simon Says Sublime: Cougar Town

Busy Philipps as Laurie on Cougar Town (© ABC)
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What happened on last week's Cougar Town? Something about Jules not wanting Travis to be her wedding photographer...? I was too distracted by the shiny, funny gags to follow these plots. Which may be a problem when Grayson has a newly discovered toddler we probably should care about; but that's overshadowed by the fact that his attempts to baby proof Jules's kitchen lead to the more awesome discovery of her drawer of long lost stuff. Pore strips! That Grayson puts on because they remind him of his days as a male model! C'mon, who can't relate to his complaining when Jules peels them off but won't let him look at the gunk on them 'cause "that's the best part." Or how about the 80s electronic memory game of Simon, which Ellie takes great pleasure in taunting Laurie with. If sitcoms consisted of nothing but jokes about 1980s toys, getting Winklevossed and going outside to fart, I think we'd all be a lot happier than when we have to follow convoluted, time travelling plots.


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