Today on the tube ...

By Nick Patch

The Canadian Press

Tuesday, February 14

- It's Valentine's Day, and like it or not, your TV won't let you forget it. On Fox's "New Girl," Jess talks Schmidt into being her wingman as she tries for a casual fling with a stranger, and the show is preceded by an episode of "Glee" featuring the world's best love songs. W Network is airing the 2007 Emma Caulfield film "A Valentine Carol" followed by the Kristen Bell romantic comedy "When In Rome," while YTV has back-to-back Peanuts specials devoted to the holiday (1975's "Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown" followed by 2002's "A Charlie Brown Valentine"). Valentine's non-fans, however, might prefer the 2009 comedy "I Hate Valentine's Day," starring Canadian Nia Vardalos. (CHCH)

- A long wait for fans of the witty ensemble comedy "Cougar Town" comes to an end tonight. The boozy series with perhaps the worst title on television returns after a lengthy hiatus with its third-season premiere tonight, in which Jules is upset that Grayson thinks she's predictable while Bobby tries to get Travis to take the dog. (ABC, Citytv)